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The Unspoken Word

A film about poetry

This film is about how poetry can make the reader feel. It doesn’t have to be romantic or dramatic, it just needs to be present. The concept behind the film is to bring poetry to a wider audience, to take it out of the pages of a disregarded book on a dusty shelf. The aesthetic follows concrete poetry, displaying significant words in relevant locations. Poetry is about being in the moment and this film reflects that. Making a perfectly produced film wasn’t as important as making an honest one. Poetry is a reflection of life itself, and life is flawed.

The reason that the title sequence says by nobody, is that I wanted to keep the poems anonymous. Any additional information would cause a biased opinion of the subject matter. The copy at the start and end of the film is a que to the person watching that there is a level of intimacy between the individual and the word itself.

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